Oil for a 5.9 Mopar

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Nov 26, 2003
Auburn WA
The guys at another site said that any Diesle oil is not rated and doesen't have the additives for HIGH RPM usage. True or not. I was telling a dude he should try Delo 15W40 or Delvac 15W40 and got an ax in the head. DaveJ
I would like some of the great ones to enter in on this too.
I'll bump this up. I'd like to see some answers, too.

It stands to reason that HDEO's wouldn't be designed for high RPM's, nor would all have the friction modifiers.

They were not designed to be racing oils.
, if that is what you have in mind??
I use Rotella T 15W40 in my gasoline pick-up with no problems. And I use the 15W40 and 5W40 in my motorcylces that often see 10,000+ rpm pulls and steady 5000 and 6000rpm on the hwy. The HDMO's are SL rated for gas motors, and my truck and bikes seem to be doing just fine. These oils have all the good stuff in them because they are not trying to make the EPA happy.

Heck right on the back of the jug it says it's good for new and old diesel and gasoline powered vehicles. This includes personal vehicals and commercial vehicles such as off-road, truck rental, delivery, utility, and school bus fleets........exceeds API SL.
So I can pull the Axe out of the back of my head now. The dude that told me I was full of it likes to push everyone around. He fires on everyone with "If you don't know the right answer then don't post your Cr_p. Thanks, DaveJ
He sounds like a guy that don't know a whole lot and wants people to ref. everything so he looks smart. Maybe if he actually looked at a bottle of oil or something. Some people don't have the mental power to think, so they just sit back and slam people that do.
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