Oil For a 2000 Honda Civic with 130,000 miles????

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Sep 27, 2006
North Carolina
I was wondering if I should continue to use the recommended 5w-30 oil for this high mileage Civic? It is the single overhead cam engine, not the VTEC. It seems as if it has developed a piston slap when cold. It goes away when warmed up. I am running Penzoil Platinum 5w-30 right now. The car is driven most every day 20 miles to work and back on a 70MPH highway. I do OCI by the light which turns yellow at 4500 miles and then red at 5000. I usually change it between the red and yellow lights.
We got a 98 Civic with 148K miles and I just use the cheapest SL or SM rated oil I can get on closeout.

I did try 0w30 GC and it hurt gas mileage. This sounds strange, but I also tried 5w20 Havoline to see if gas mileage would be better with a thinner oil and gas mileage dropped and consumption went to 1 quart per 5K miles.

I switched back to a 30 weight dino and mileage went back up and there was ZERO consumption.

I wouldn't worry about a little piston slap, our Civic has a tiny bit on start up and is still running awesome.

i have a 92 D15B8 127k on it running supreme 10w30, im trying delo this summer to see if it lowers down consumption
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