Oil For 96 Volvo 850 - Part Deux...

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Aug 10, 2003
College Dorm...
Well, most of you on here won't remember, but I actually got my girlfriend on here (Sweet!!) to ask what oil she should use for her car, which is a '96 Volvo 850 with the 2.4L engine. Has a 5spd. stick as well. Also has about approx. 120,000 miles on it. Consumption shouldn't be an issue.

When she left here, vehicle was actually on a diet of Mobil Delvac 1300 and Purolator Premium Plus...but was run on standard 5w-30/10w-30 for the first 100,000 miles or so of it's life on long change intervals, so it is quite dirty (no sludge though) inside.

Now, since I have a "passion" for the HDEO's, and she drives the heck out of her very nice car, so I figure it's a match made in heaven. She's also in Florida for awhile attending school, so super cold starts aren't an issue.

All 15w-40, of course:

- Chevron Delo 400
- Pennzoil Long-Life
- Mobil Delvac 1300

Does anyone here see any benefits to one of these oils in this application over another?

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I agree with you on the XW-40 part for this engine, but I don't understand why you wouldn't stick with a synthetic. Because you type 2.4L I assume it's a turbo (n.a.'s are 2.5L). I really think synthetic oil and turbo's are a match.

Running 10W-40 Amsoil in the wife's 1995 Volvo 855....
Hey Pabs,

If I remember right, you replied to her original post, so thanks for replying to this one too!

She definitely has a naturally-aspirated 2.4L I-5 under her hood...I'm not a Volvo expert, so I did a little research: On a '96 Volvo 850, you had the choice of two engines, either a 2.4L NA as I previously mentioned, or a 2.3L I-5 with a turbo. No 2.5L was offered.

And if it was a turbo, I would definitely consider a synthetic...but I've ran mineral HDEO's in many turbo's and know they can stand up to the abuse.

You wouldn't know much about spark plugs for the 850, would you? Any recommendations? I heard that the NGK was a good plug, but which one..the "regulars" or "v-power" plug??

Once again, thanks.

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For sure get the NGK platinum V's. They work GREAT in the engine. I had trouble with Bosch and others.

The 2.4/2.5L is like 2493cc, and the 2.3/2.4L is 2398 or something, hence the confusion. The one cylinder less in the S40 is 2.0 (turbo is 1.9) and the one cylinder more six is a 3.0. (turbo is 2.9)

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How about your Penz LL 10W30?
Its about a half step above a PCMO 10W30 in viscosity, in fact in FL, your LL SAE 30 and 40 in the summer months would be an option to consider.
I bet that going to an HDMO after so many miles will turn the oil black sooner than later as it cleans up the engine.
It may take a few changes with a high DD oil before the engine settles down and the oil stays cleaner longer.
I know that D1300 has a small amount of moly, if that's any benefit to you. Just out of curiosity, what kind of intervals are you guys running?
For what it's worth- I am maintaining my friends Volvo Eight-Fiddy (1997) I was worried about rear main seal leaks, but so far he has burned VERY little oil, and no leak. We used 5qts of GC and 1+ qts of m1 15w-50 I had laying around. Now he has 7k on that oil, 105k on the very clean engine and we have to pick out an oil for the winter. The previous owner must been a frequent changer, it is golden colored under the valve cover. Syntec Blend is a possibility if he does not want to spend the money on GC. Pennzoil HMV might keep the seals happy. Anyway, the Bosch Supers seem nice, I removed the distributor car and rotor and cleaned them thoroughly.
Hey Friendly,

My Long-Life is 15w-40, not 10w-30. The 10w-30 HDEO's would be nice, but you can never find them around this part of the country.

When she was up here in Kentucky, I ran Delvac 1300S in it, and the car did very well. I know she'll never she very cold weather, even if she comes back here for awhile. Her Volvo manual says you can run 15w-40 down to 15F, and this is in 1996...we all know how much oils have improved since then!

The only issue I have about Long-Life is that I simply could not find it ANYWHERE when I visited her last time!!!!

Anyone here live around St. Pete, FL and know where I can find Long-Life???
hello folks,

I am a volvo owner too, I currently have a 96 850 turbo... I have read repeatedly, over and over, countless times not to use the platinum plugs with the b5234 engines... It just likes the copper core volvo plugs every 30K miles. shrug... I say get the cheaper ones if that is what is recommended.

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