oil for 95 Jeep Cherokee with 207k miles

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Nov 13, 2002
My buddy has a cherokee 4.0 and it seems to use a bit of 10w30. Any suggestions as to what kind of inexpensive but good oil he should use in it? It runs great, it's just a lil thirsty for 10w30. Are there any 10w40's that stay in grade or if not are there 15w40's that can deal with the temperatures we see in ohio(winter sometimes gets down to 0F or so). --Matt
I'd do a cleaning with Auto-Rx or Schaeffer's Neutra to remove carbon holding the rings in the ring grooves and keeping them from doing their job, then try a high-mileage 10W-40, maybe Pennz, or standard Chevron, Castrol, Pennz, or Mobil 10W-40. In the winter, I'd use the same brand 5W-30. For summer use, Pennz, Chevron, or Mobil 15W-40 would probably be OK...at 207k, he's certainly got some wear increasing the bearing clearances in that engine. Ken
Try Rotella 5W40. Available at Wally World for $12 and change for a gallon. If his gaskets will hold it, it will cut his consumption and work in all weather...that is...if his gaskets will hold it. Worth a try, I say.
it doesn't seem to leak oil much, some seal was just recently replaced(he doesn't remember which one). It used to leak quite a bit tho. --Matt
It was probably the rear main seal. That's the one that starts leaking first on the 4.0L. When the seal was replaced, the pan would have been cleaned out, so minimal engine cleaning should be required. I would try Castrol GTX 10W-40 in it.
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