Oil For 2003 1.9L Golf TDI

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Jul 2, 2003
Just drove my nextdoor neighbor's new Golf TDI... [Eek!] W O W [Big Grin] ; awesome acceleration; impressive engine and tranny and very credible handling for a FWD diesel (I played Michael Schumacher with it). I want one because it is awesome and, you know, to serve as an attractive carrier for my German Syntec [you knew I had to sneak that in.]) As you can imagine, one of the first things I did was check out the oil portion of the owner's manual. I was surprised to see that the recommended oil in a 2003 was SJ (not even SJ/CF) and the accompanying illustration even showed SH! (I was expecting to see SL/CF). The recommended viscosity was 5W40 and the manual made it VERY CLEAR that that was what you were to use...but you could use 5W30 if you couldn't find 5W40. The manual was full of warnings in the oil section, especially in regard to checking the oil and interpreting the dipstick markings. I didn't get to oil filter recommendations, but my neighbor said a friend of his who had a turbo go south on him told him it is critical to use the VW filter. My neighbor also said he was under the impression he had to get his oil changes done at the dealership. To help him out, do any of you VW/VW Turbo/TDI owners have any tricks of the trade I can share with him so he does this thing right? He is the kind of guy who will keep a car for 300K miles and so I want to help him achieve his goal.
Good board as an FYI tdiclub.com [ September 02, 2003, 04:58 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
tdiclub.com is a good source of information on the TDI. I love mine. Great acceleration and lifetime mpg of 43.2. Could get better mpg but its hard to keep my foot off the accelerator. Check out the diesel used oil analysis section. Look for TDI analysis on 7/2/03, 7/12/03, 12/23/02, 12/09/02 and 09/19/02.
Schumi (aka Pscholte), you must have been reading the gasser information of the owners manual. VW says to use a oil that meets ONE of the following requirements: API CH-4, ACEA B3 or B4, or VW 505.00. As you browse the TDIclub.com page you'll read about the VW service bulletin that called for the use of 5W-40 synthetic oil for all warranty work from 1996 model years to present. The popular oils for the TDI are Mobil Delvac-1 5w-40, Rotella-T 5W-40. Many also use Amsoil S3000 5/30. I personally have used Amsoil 10/40, Delvac-1 5/40, and am currently using the Castrol 0/30. All of these oils have provided excellent service. I now have a case of Schaeffer's 15/40 but I am going to wait until next spring to use this oil. I do 10,000 mile drain intervals as specified by the owners manual and I am coming due for my 110,000 mile interval next weekend. I think I'm going to let Delvac-1 take me through this coming winter and next spring, if I have traveled 10,000 miles, i'll put in the Schaeffer's 15w-40. My lifetime average for fuel economy has been 49 mpg. I have gotten as high as 58 mpg on several trips though. Keeping the RPM's below 2400 (70 mph) is key to economy. I also have a 1982 VW Rabbit diesel that is still running strong after 22 years. The engine hasn't been apart for anything and it has well over 300,000 miles. The rest of the car has been classified as a "road hazard" though. It's my beater that I drive to work which covers 50 miles per day. It's great to have a A1 chassis diesel to compare to the A4 chassis and to see the advances that have been made over the many years.
Unocal 76 Pure Synthetic Oil 5W-40 meets VW 505.00. I've never seen it, though. [Roll Eyes] You can also find Pentosynth 5W-40 and Lubro Moly Vollsynthese 5W-40 for about $27 for 5 liters. Both oils meet VW 505.00. [Cheers!] [ September 03, 2003, 12:25 AM: Message edited by: moribundman ]
FowVay/vvk, Thanks for the additional info...I will pass it on to my neighbor because like I said in my first post, he is the kind that will take care of this vehicle and run it out to XXXK if he can. Regards, Schumi...er... Paul (well, it just begs to be driven...shall we say...with élan) [ September 02, 2003, 12:53 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
Many oils meet VW 505.00 norm (and some the updated 505.01) The one most widely available in the US is Mobil 1 0W-40.
Originally posted by vvk: Many oils meet VW 505.00 norm (and some the updated 505.01) The one most widely available in the US is Mobil 1 0W-40.
vvk, This is probably his best bet when considering performance, price, availability and our high country climate.
i had two TDIs, one a 99 Golf which was totaled by a drunk driver ( not me ) and a 01 Golf. Avoid the dealer and its Syntec. I use Delvac-1. The TDI engine will probably outlast the rest of the car. i already had the weatherstripping replaced, glowplug harness and hatch lock panel ( paint peel) on the 01. My 99 TDI ( made in germany FYI ) was a disaster on wheels. Main relay went kaput, car was repainted cause the paint start flaking, bulbs burnt left and right. as i said the body and engine/tranny will last forever but upholstery, peripherals degrade faster than normal. i am holding on my Scirocco and let the wife drive the TDI.
I would think these TDI beasts would do well on Amsoil syn. HDD 5W-30 during cold times, or HD Amsoil syn 15W-40... Curiously I would truly love to have a TDI...and biodiesel. I am not kidding here. Bummer for the guy with the 99 and 01, so soon. [Roll Eyes] [ September 03, 2003, 03:34 PM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
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