oil filter question on Yamaha FL150

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Apr 12, 2009
I have been looking at oil filter options on my 150 four stroke I am using a Sierra marine 18-7908 which is the eqiv. of 69J-13440-00. All is good except I want a US made replacement but Fram showe a PH4967 which is a different filter completely. What are you using? Looks as if a Toyota filter will work???
Try a Wix 57000. Its a direct replacement for the 69J-13440-00.
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I have no problem with the Fram but the gaskets are a different size. Will it fit without leaking ???
If Fram specifies it for your application, i don't see how it would leak.

With most applications there is some room to go with a smaller or larger gasket since the mating surface doesn't really care as long as it seals and the center tube is the right thread size.

How far off is the gasket of the oem vs the Fram?
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