Oil filter question for a 2004 Camry 4 cyl.

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Jul 5, 2004
Ware, MA
I just changed my oil at 1400 miles - I used the Valvoline Synthetic I bought for the rebate that I never received. when I changed the filter, I was amazed at how tiny it was. I mean, this was really small. Is there a larger filter that will fit my car? If so, how much extra oil should I add? I usually use Napa Gold filters.

Any help would be appreciated.

Chris-- If you hop to the oil filter section you'll see this question raised in a number of places. That would also be the better place to get answers for your question.

I too am bothered by the small size of the Champion (and Fram) standard filter for my Elantra, but I'm not sure filtering capacity is always a factor of the external size. Often a manufacturer will call for the lowest common denominator filter that will fit a number of clearances on various engines.
Chris, if you cannot find a larger filter then at least go with a K&N, they flow much better and so they in a way are like having a larger filter, unless you can get a larger filter AND you make it a K&N, which is what i did
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