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Jun 5, 2002
Iowegia - USA
I used it for a while as an add and over quite a few vehicles (two 350's and one 4-cylinder), and never really came to any conclusions as to its efficacy. What I really wanted to see was some elevation in tbn, but never saw that either. It is a concentrated calcium carbonate in an ester base, or an "esterified calcium carbonate" concentrate in a PAO base fluid. Lately, I have concerned myself with the results of borate esters in engine oil and gear lube formulations, and less with the calcium adds. I have a techical paper that basically says if you use the concentrated calcium adds, the addition of borates into the basic mix greatly improves the calcium carbonate film deposition. IMO, we need more fleet testing to determine the efficacy of concentrated calcium adds. In other words, the jury, again IMO, is still out.
Mola, Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of trying some out but since you've stated you really didn't see a difference, I probably wouldn't either. Granted, I could use it but it's only for my vehicle. Results of several different vehicles with trend analysis for our conclusions seems the only way to go with lubes. Scotto
Any one else using Oil Extreme? I recall seeing one UOA while back, but none since then. I understand this is a rather expensive brew, thus it's none use is understandable. Thx, Scotto [ August 09, 2003, 12:58 PM: Message edited by: Scotto ]
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