Oil Consumption

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Jun 19, 2009
I had a local shop do my last oil change while I had the vehicle inspected . The shop said it was needed because the oil in the vehicle was "black" . I know that there was less than 2k on the oil but wanted the vehicle to pass the inspection so I said to go ahead . I did about 2500 miles on the new oil and noticed it was about a quart low . I never had to top off the oil in the past . This was a first for the vehicle . It is a 99 Explorer with 95k . In addition the drain plug and filter were insanely tight ! I changed the oil and wonder if the oil the shop used was some sub par oil that caused it to be low . Any ideas ?
If they used a different brand of oil that what you usually use on that truck, it could cause consumption - that does happen. I doubt they used 'sub par' oil - they would have used a bulk 5W-30 or 10W-30 on that truck from a major supplier. What oil do you 'normally' use? do you know what was used by the shop?
1 qt in 2500 is not excessive consumption. Did you verify that they filled it to the top of the mark when they did the oil change? Also if your older ford has been running a thicker oil before and the shop changed it with a grade or two thinner that could be the reason. Every older Ford truck I have owned would consume about a qt every 2 to 3k miles when I ran the thinnest recomended viscosity. What oil and OCI is normal for your truck? As a general rule no lube shop/small shop wants the liability of using a sub-par motor oil they will usually always use a bulk oil from one of the big named makers usually in the 5w-30 or 10w-30 flavor.
I do not know what part of NY you are talking, but if it is in the surronding city area Queens,, Brooklyn, smile Bronx etc the answer is sub par.
I always use 5w30 in this vehicle . The brand I used last is Mobil Super 5000 . I usually buy what is on sale . I have not had any consumption in the past . The brands I have used are Mobil , Quaker State ,Penzoil and Motorcraft all in 5w30 . I normally do a 6 month / 3k oci . One thing that has been different is that I have done a lot of highway driving in the last month . I have never put that many miles on this truck in such a short time . I checked the oil level and it was in range but not up to the top mark after the change . Also the oil was pretty clean looking after a lot of driving .
If the engine did not use any measurable amount of oil until it was changed then one quart in 2,500mi is very excessive. I'd find another oil change place or do it your self. Ed
I have an oil burning Saturn. Oil consumption dramatically increased once I started doing highway driving. Perhaps it is a combination of factors, one being the increased highway driving.
Lots of city driving, then lots of highway driving causes oil consumption often. Short trips dilute the oil with fuel, then hwy driving burn it off.
Thanks for the info . I will keep monitoring the oil level . I had trouble seeing the oil against the dark color of the dipstick so I sanded the end down to the metal in between the fill marks . Still it is hard to see . Getting old !
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