Oil Consumption Help

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Feb 4, 2006
Muskegon, MI
Hi, I have a 91 chevy s-10 2.5L SOHC I4 with 210k miles that "uses" about a quart of Maxlife 5w30 on 500 miles a week. Does anyone suggest a better oil to slow the oil usage. I do not notice any leaks nor experience any smoke on start-up. It idles smooth and drives great as well. Im pretty sure the rings are shot but until I can rebuild i'd like some expert advice on what i may try for this problem oh btw the site is great i have found so much useful information alraedy today its great, Thanks guys, Bobby
Other than really looking for signs of leakage (that might seem small, but add up, check your PCV valve and increase viscosity to a 15W-40. You may also reduce it considerably by using an Auto RX treatment to get the deposits out of the ring areas.
I agree with widman: Do a full Auto RX to clean out the ring pack. Then return to the oil you use and measure to check for improvement. If still using excessive oil then op for an oil with a higher cST as suggested above.
In addition to advice of others. My old Ranger used a quart every 2000 and by mixing a quart of 40 wt. I cut it to a quart every 3000. You will neeed to be careful though with a 15W-40 dino in MI. though.
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