Oil Consumption After Trip--5w-20

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Sep 26, 2002
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I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata with the 3.3L V6. It has had 2 oil changes since new. the first one, with whatever-Hyundai-installed-during-assembly 5w-20, was changed at 3900 miles. the second, shell bulk 10w-30 was changed at 5000 miles (i wanted to get on 5K drains) the last oil was Shell bulk 5w-20. No consumption was noted at any time until wife took car to Florida and back, putting 2900 miles on it. It is now a 1/2 quart low. roads were interstate, at 70mph. I know a 1/2 quart isn't much, but I am a hater of any consumption at all. any one think maybe that 5w-20 is actually too thin for this engine? (it is what is called for, says in OM that 5w-30, 10w-30 can be used when 5w-20 is not available) or does this Shell bulk 5w-20 maybe not as shear-stable as it should be? I wanted to run 5w-30 all the time, but dealer does not stock that weight and has $14.95 oil changes and filter is cartridge type, not a spin-on, and retails alone for $12.95. So getting oil changed there is cheaper than I can do it. I have always run 5K intervals in all my cars without a problem. Just this slight consumption kinda worried me. Any comments or suggestions?
Does your wife drive faster than she says she drives? Especially on the interstates in Florida, I find going 85 through a speed trap gets yawns from the troopers, and the traffic overall is faster. IF your wife was going more than 70, maybe that is why it consumed some oil.

Just something to consider
Road trips increase consumption as water and fuel is removed from the crankcase due to the extended hot temps.
Oh, sure, Auto-Union...come in behind me and state something so obvious that it makes me look Stoopid
Tim, A-U's answer is a textbook, very logical reason, and most probably true answer. I'd go with that one until proven otherwise.
As an example of another V-6, in 3k miles you will get 1/2 qt usage from a Nissan VQ and this is considered normal. Mine does on the spec'd 5W-30. I broke it in with 50k miles of dino and 3k OCI's.

So if its not just fuel/water evaporation, I wouldn't worry about it one bit.
Some engines do drink a little, the 5.4 Fords will do that also. On her next trip, slip some 5W-30 in there and see if there's difference to rest your mind. Vehicle is too new to get some sort of guage on oil use.
That's perfectly normal for such an extended trip.Don't sweat it!

I just recently turned 3K miles on my 06 Sonata and experienced no consumption of the factory fill at all too.I went to MC 5W20 for the first change and i've driven about 500 miles with no consumption so far(I do a decent amount of higher speed driving too!).
Sounds like your getting a really good price for an oil change!
No, she does not drive over 70, so i know thats not it. Just never had an engine athat did that except a 305 in an 81 Grand prix that I owned ( of course, that one used about a quart every 800 miles!) The oil was changed 3 days before the trip. Yes, that $14.95 is a steal. On a Hyundai forum I frequent, most say they are spending between $25 and $60 for the change. iwas jsut wondering if it was the 5w-20 or waht was causing it.
You can do better than Shell Oil - plus the 5W-30 may be better for that engine. Try spending a few dollars more for a Pennzoil, Castrol, Motorcraft/Kendall, Havoline/Chevron oil change.

If you are going to spend 20K for a new vehicle, then another $5-$10 for a better grade oil change is cheap insurance.
My 05 Dodge Grand Caravan will use 1/2 quart at 3000 miles. I add a 1/2 quart to get me by until my 5000 mile oil change.
One of the reasons the German's call for 40W oils - high speed driving. Your 85 mph, hours long trip proves that a 20W oil tends to heat up and boil off at those extremes.
Shell appears to be #3 on a price ladder for Shell-Pennzoil Co. Price ladders often mirror quality ladders. This oil may fine for regular duty, but not for heavy-pedal/mountain-climbing, nearing 80+ MPH conditions with your engine.

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I've been driving for almost 40 years. The oil that starts the consumption train in any of my former ten bought-new vehicles was never used again in that vehicle. Even when I decided to bump it up to the next oil weight, I always tried another brand of oil.
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