Oil commercial

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May 21, 2005
Does anyone remember which oil brand had that commercial where they had a bunch of engines on stands and supposidly drained all the oil out of the crankcase and then ran them for x amout of hours before they seized up? Dont worry would never try anything like that LOL. I was just wondering who it was for some reason I am thinking Castrol syntec, but then again this was about the same time Slick 50 was doing a lot of advertising.
Castrol seems all of the BS TV ads. For example yesterday they claimed: "No leading oil delivers more power than Castol..." Which also means, no oil delivers less power, All oils produce the same amount of power, and our claim means absolutely nothing even thought we are showing you some guy driving a 350Z with lots of computer graphics to match. Where would we be without lawyers?
The old Castrol GTX commercial with the saying "maximum protection against thermal lockdown" (remember, the temp gauge goes into the red, the red light blinks and a buzzer sounds? Circa 1986) is part of the reason I am here today...my young mind saw that so often when watching Motoweek (remember THAT show?) that I finally asked my uncle what the commercial was talking about...
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