Oil choices / rec for Audi RS5 & Lamborghini

OP, you have a European vehicle subforum here where you can get more answers and have numerous info to search.
First of all, does your Audi have GPF, if it does, forget Castrol Edge 0W30. If it does not have GPF, use with confidence (API SL is bcs. phosphorous levels far exceed what API prescribes for SM, SN, SN+, and SP for XW30 oils, but in reality, it is irrelevant for this oil). If you are under warranty I would skip this oil. If not, go ahead unless you have GPF.
If GPF is present, you MUST go VW504.00/507.00 oil. Castrol that you mentioned is not the only one that is approved, literally, dozens of oils are available:
Motul 5W30 X-Clean+
Mobil1 ESP 5W30
Mobil1 ESP 0W30
Pennzoil Platinum LX 0W30
etc. etc.
In your local VW dealership, you can also find VW branded (Mobil1 makes it) VW 504.00/507.00 0W30.

My choice would be Motul 5W30 X-Clean+, Mobil1 ESP 5W30. Those two. Mobil1 ESP 5W30 you can find on sale at NAPA sometimes or Mobil1 ESP 0W30.
Do not go Redline Performance if you are under warranty. Redline is more track oil, and short OCI's are desirable. If GPF present, forget Redline 5W30 Performance. You must go Redline Performance Euro.

Thanks for the most useful and proper reply. Looks like I will need to add a new oil type to the collection.
Please post pics of the Lambos if you get a chance. Thank you.
I don't really have any decent pics of the cars , i am not one to really photograph my rides. You can google search what they look like , if i find something decent I will post
You won't risk anything if you use what's approved by the manufacturer. There's no
downside using the recommended (mid-SAPS/C3) VW 504 00 oil. VW did have their
fails, but their VW 504 00 approval is definitely not one of them.
Btw, couldn't it be a risk using 0W-30 in Lamborghinis? Does Lamborghinis actually
spec VW 504 00 (Porsche C30) for both Huracan and Aventador?


If Audi specs VW 511 00 oil alternatively, which is the sister approval of Porsche C40,


Jimmy suggested using Mobil1 ESP 5W-30. I agree on that recommendation.
The lambo's spec 0w30/5w30 depending on climate , i am not worried much about it being too " thin" as this is a NA motor , the boosted cars i have see MUCH higher bearing forces than a NA v10/v12

I like the edge 0w-30 "Belgium formula" as it has a nice amount of POA and antiwear additives.