Oil Change SNAFU

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May 23, 2005
Houston, Texas
Well I outdid myself last night. didn't use my latex gloves and ended up dropping my allen wrench and drain plug after getting hot oil on my hand. Ended up looking for the drain plug the better part of the night. I cut open the drain pan, tried to purchase a new plug at AZ and O'Reilly's to no avail (04 VW -- what did I expect). I crawled on the driveway and searched every square inch. Finally found it on top of the plastic engine guard. I don't remember throwing the dang thing up there. 10 minute change turned into an hr and a half nightmare.
To boot, I dropped the oil filter after I got it off and got oil everywhere!!
Yea, been there done that here man.

I'm sure everyone who's changed there own oil has done this a time or 2.

**** I find myself changing warm oil trying to be so careful that I'm being too careful, then oil gets everywhere except the drain pan

Oh man, you should see me trying to fill the little UOA bottle in the middle of the drain! HA! AR
Not open for further replies.