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Mar 30, 2003
Hi My Ex-Brother in law (if there's such a thing, maybe I'll switch to my friend) has a 1996 Sunfire with the 2.2 Liter he hasn't had his oil changed in ohh maybe 20 000 or 30 000km's. I'll soon change it for him, is there anything I should do extra to try to save this engine? It's still running fine but I can just imagine the internal damage, he drives this car hard and often on dirt roads.. The colour of the oil is still as if he had just poured it but I know we can't judge the oil form it's appearance.
I'm not sure what units you are using. 30,000kms means kilometers. 30k miles is miles. 30,000k miles is thirty million miles. Anyway, he needs a change. Pour in 1 or 2 bottles of CD-2 oil detergent for a week or more BEFORE the change. If you are suspisious of a dirty engine, fill it up with cheap oil for 1000 miles and re-drain. Try the Penzoil HMV, nice stuff. Get him to change 2x a year. in May and Novenmer.
Originally posted by AudiJunkie: I'm not sure what units you are using. 30,000kms means kilometers.
That is exactly what he's saying, 30,000 kilometers, as km is the short form us Canucks use for kilometers. He's from Winnipeg, or as he's listed it, Winterpeg, since it's so brutally cold there in the winter! [Smile] [Canada]
Yes, the proper spelling of it would be litre I suppose, but I usually spell things differently than most Canadians, such as liter instead of litre, labor instead of labour, color instead of colour and I even pronounce the letter z as zee instead of zed. I'm teaching my baby son his alphabet with it ending in zee also. It rhymes better when you sing it that way anyways. [Big Grin]
If the oil looks like it was just poured I'd have a hard time believing it had 20 or 30K km on it. It would certainly have to be discoloured by that point....around 18,000 miles. The only vehicle I've ever seen go an oil change interval with the oil still looking pristine was a propane van.
Yep I'm a canuck and I meant Kilometers, and I also spell liters, liters [Smile] Unless I'm writing in french then its litres, I'd love to use Auto-RX but I can't wait for the shipping time and I don't think I can buy it locally. And the oil really doesn't look all that bad, Guess I should collect a sample but I don't have a kit. [Canada]
I would change it today using an oil with a strong detergent package like Mobil Drive Clean and a good filter. Run it for no more than 3,000 miles (4,828 km's) [Canada] , then change it again.
Mobil Drive Clean is not available in Canada actually. They used to sell it at Canadian Tire a few years ago, but it didn't seem to move very well so they stopped.
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