oil analysis kit- procedure

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Jul 26, 2002
New Jersey
Ok, I've taken you all's advice and ordered a bunch of oil analysis kits. If I want to take a sample prior to doing oil and filter change, what do I do to gt sample of the oil? Stick a really small diameter tube down my dipstick tube? What's the best approach to get a sample of the oil?
I do it the old-fasion way - While engine is fairly warm, drain oil, stick oil sample bottle underneath draining oil, cap oil sample bottle immediately, go to oil analysis lab and wait for results. Regards, Oz
In an engine drain sample it is most important to NOT capture the first or last oil out of of the crankcase. We want a 'mid-stream'sample. What the engine is seeing. Not the first oil as it can be contaminated by settled solids and possible contamination from dirt at the drain plug. Always warm/hot, again, so we can get representative of crankcase oil. Plus, make sure the drain plug area is clean, clean , clean. Use ether (srarting fluid) or brake cleaning fluid to thoroughly clean the drain plug area. Do NOT capture oil filter oil or anything other than mid-stream crankcase oil/thief captured oil. Since we are only getting 4 ounces of the oil we want the most representative sample of oil flow possible..
Guys- thanks. What I was getting at was: what's the how to do an analysis check before I'm finished with the oil. For example, I'm at 3000 mile point but want to go 5 or 6000 miles with the oil. Desire is to get a data point at 3000 miles, and then again at planned drain interval at 5000/6000 miles.
Well, The recommended procedure is to do your normal oil & filter change at 3000mi, and take a sample of that oil. You must be one busy man to be driving 3000mi. in two weeks since that's the average wait time for the oil analysis report to come back to you (unless it's done local). So, in most cases, oil & filter change and take oil sample. Wait for oil sample report, post report here, and then go from there. Regards, Oz
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