Oil Analysis for a high mileage LS1?

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Oct 27, 2002
I have done a search on here looking for some oil analysis reports for a high mileage LS1 and haven't noticed any. All the reports I see are for LS1 powered cars with 5-15k miles or less on them. The motor is still breaking in at that point. Is there an analysis of a higher mileage vehicle...say 50k+ miles on it that I can check out?

I currently have 74k miles on my car and just switched from Mobil 1(which I wasn't very happy with) to Redline, so far I have 3k miles on this oil and I can definately tell a difference. I am just going to do a filter change(K&N Filter) and my quart of oil and go another 3k miles. At that point I think I might do an oil analysis just to see what it looks like since as far as I can tell nobody else has done one on a higher mileage vehicle. I am obviously new to this board....I have been reading it occasionally for the past 6 months or so, but just registered today.

As far as I know there have not been any high mileage LS1's analyzed yet so if you would get yours done it would be the first. My 02 SS just broke 3k the other day so i'm of no help.

You should be fine with a 6K interval of Redline especially with a filter change, but an analysis is the only way to tell for sure.
Welcome aboard! I'm trying to get more LS1 owners from the LS1 boards to start doing oil analysis so hopefully soon we'll start seeing more reports. I wish I had been doing oil analysis back when I owned my 98 Formula so that I had results to show for it. So far I've only done oil analysis on my current car, which is a 95 Formula. I sure miss my LS1!
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