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Jan 12, 2004
O'Fallon, MO
When I put the "new" Engine in my car, I plan on putting Mobil 1 in itfrom the beginning. I've been using Mobil Syn Blend 10W30 in my current 4.6, and it starts up fine in 4F weather. The consensus I've read is that Mobil 1 10E-30 will be fine for Long Island weather.

The other thing is I read the Article I found posted somewhere on this board, and it states not to use Synthetics for the first 2000 or so miles. The engine was listed as having either 1 or 1000 miles on it. Looking at the inside of the engine, I don't think it's got 1 mile, but it could have 1000 or less. Should I just put the synthetic in, since most of the break in is done at this point?
Since the history of your new engine is not 100% known, I would run a 1000-2000 mile OCI with a good dino as a "flush", then switch over to the M1.

An engine will "break in" with any oil, but if you are sweating it, do the above and you'll cover both bases.
Yep what Pablo said. Plus a good rinse with a good dino oil would ensure that nothing nasty is floating aroung in there.
Dino is cheap so you can rinse the new or rebuilt engine with it on a much short OCI without breaking the bank.

On the topic of breaking in the engine, an older friend of mine who has been building Triumph motorcyclces since before I was born, has told me that engines should be broken in on dino only. The cars coming directly from the factories with syn in them have nothing different, except for the cylinder wall honing. If a car (like the Corvette) is designed for syn use, the cylinders are honed with a finer grain and more shallow angle. I think he read that in HotRod or one of those magazines.

Originally posted by dickwells:
Just out of curiosity, what went wrong with your previous 4.6?

Well, the economy has fallen through the floor even after all the tune-up items, uneven compression, consumes oil (and smokes like crazy when idling), pings like a dinner bell under heavy throttle (not with 89, though)... And I want a higher-performance engine.
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