Oil Advice Needed Titan2004

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Apr 8, 2004
Bought a Nissan Titan truck in February. I changed the oil once at 1000 mi with Castrol 10-30 for break-in and am ready to switch to a long term oil/ possibly synthetic at 3500mi. My main issue is that most trips are short 5-25mi, in stop and go traffic, often with a moderate (500-5000lb) load (landscaping), (with a trailer). Very few hwy miles... Temps in the NYC area vary between 0-100 F. What oil would be best for a long engine life in these start/stop conditions? I have searched the fourm, but am a little confused... Thanks!
What are the oil viscosities listed in your owner's manual, and what is the severe service oil drain interval?

Probably one of the top quality 10W-30 oils in the summer and 5W-30 in the winter. Change your oil and filter according to the severe service schedule in your owner's manual.

I like Chevron/Havoline, Pennzoil, and Castrol oils. There are certainly other good ones.

If you plan on owning that truck almost for ever, you might consider using synthetic oil, but it will be pricy. You could use Mobil 1 in the viscosities listed above and drain at the longest intervals shown in your manual.

5w-30 is recommended; although 10w30 and 10w-40 are OK... I would like it to last as long as possible as I tend to keep vehicles a long time (265, 000) on my last pickup truck. Would synthetic oil work better under the stop and go conditions (if so; any preference???); or does it really not matter if oil changes are every 6-12 mo with 2500-4500mi (but with a LOT of "starts and stops" during this period)... Thanks!
Go with M1 or Amsoil 10w30. You could also use Delvac 5w40. I would use synthetics and just change them twice a year or 7500 miles whichever comes first. You want the best possible protection for your money and synths are going to provide that long term and also keep the engine cleaner. I bump my 10w30 with 150ml +- of 15w50.

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Just do yourself a favor and do an oil analysis sometime in the first year, if its important to keep the vehicle. An analysis can spot things like an antifreeze leak, fuel dilution, as well as abnrmal wear and oil condition. Mobil 1 10W-30 would be a good choice as would the Delvac 1.

Is there different maintenence intervals for 'severe service' such as city driving, extensive idling, etc.? If Nissan is like Ford and Chevy, they are going to recommend a 3,000 mile interval for your driving conditions. I would use a dino oil for that interval, a 5w30 in winter and 10w30 in summer. The Castrol you are currently using is fine, Chevron and Pennzoil are other good choices. I personally would stick to the correct interval rather than trying to run a synthetic longer in order to justify its high price.
You just want to pick from one of the many good synthetics. Stop and go driving is a good canidate for a good synthetic oil. I'd use M1 10w-30 or Amsoil/RL.
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