Oil Additive too stop leak?

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Sep 15, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hello everyone, I have a 2000 ford explorer with 82k on the clock. I change the oil every 3k with Pennzoil 10w30 like clockwork. While changing the oil last, I noticed it looks like the rear main seal is leaking. The oil is coming oil directly of the bellhousing. It is not dripping enough to leave a oil spot in my driveway but enough to coat the front half of the transmission. Is there any additive that I can add that might seal up the leak? Or should I go to a different oil (different weight,high mileage oil)? I am one of the many that hate leaks [Mad] and if there are any recommendations for this problem that would be great. Thanks
Check out the additive forum. I'm using auto-rx now. A lot of great results. Check out the numerous threads. John
I have never used the High-Mile oils but I understand they are a little thicker and also have seal conditioning additives, both features may help. As much as I'm against using oil additives it's hard to deny the positive results people claim about Auto-Rx (fixing leaks and uncoking rings). Either or both of these products would seam reasonable to try IMO.
Based on my experience, I would try Auto RX. I recently used ARX on a '90 Ford Ranger with a rear seal leak and after 500 miles with ARX, the leak ALMOST completely stoped. So far it has been a very dramatic improvement! It would defintely be my first attempt to solving the problem!!
Additives can help if it isn't leaking TOO bad but eventually you'll need a new seal.
I agree whole-heartedly. I also have a similar rear main leak in my `93 Volvo 240(170k). I cleaned out the PCV system and started using Valvoline Maxlife and my oil-soaked tranny problem ceased. I attribute the temporary fix mainly to the better breathing PVC system, but I don't doubt that the Maxlife is helping a little. I plan on switching over to Chevron Supreme soon(cheaper), so time will tell.
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