oil additive already included in....

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May 25, 2003
Quebec Canada
Tell me if the name below represent the additive normally found in regular engine oil and tell me which are not: Boron,Barium,Calcium,Magnsium,Molybdenum,sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc. Sulfatation, nitration, what those number are supposed to tell me ? Once again thanks for your time
http://www.natrib.com/appnotes/app31.htm http://www.oilguard.com/side_menu/oil/oil_analysis.php Also, for nitration and oxidation you want that to be below 100%, above 50% means the oil has been used up quite a bit. Haven't seen sulfation but I suggest the same thing, because that is prob associated with acid. TBN is associated with them too, generally when it drops down very low (below 2 I think) the oxidation and nitration accelerate. It also allows the engine to make acids which corrode parts!
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