Oh another what oil to use thread

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Jul 16, 2003
Palouse WA
Hi just got my second block for my 86 Corolla from GM Fedex destroyed the first one. This is a new Toyota 4A Short block not rebuilt but new from Toyota engine factory. Anyway the manual says for 1986 use 10W / 30 oil for general all season use in my climate around zero to a bit below in the winter for short times and over 100 in the summer ack. It also suggests 10W / 40 or 10W / 50. Will start off with dino for a couple hundred miles then run dino again for a while and then switch back to Red Line. Manual says 5W / 30 for less then 50 F Am wondering if I can start using 5W / 30 all the time with the new and improved oils out there or anybody got other suggestions. Ken
From a 20 year old owners manual, I'd say modern 5w-30 oils would be okay. On the other hand, my understanding is that Washington state doesn't get all that cold so 10w-30 would be fine too. Unless it gets really cold there won't be much difference between the two.
It never gets cold on the Western part of the state. Pablo may beg to differ but here it gets really cold sometimes. Especially in the mountains. Ken
Oh it gets cold in Spokane. Warm in the summer, too. I think this is another case for a good synthetic 5W-40. 5W-30 winter or summer would be fine for break in, too.
5w30 all the way, especially Red Line. I think 10w30 is an obsolete viscosity, has no benefit over the modern 5w30s.
LOL just saw this post again............ Well the Toyota is gone and the engine is sitting on my kitchen floor. hehehehe Traded the car for a 01 Hyundai Elantra.......
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