OCI too long with Mobil 1???

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Oct 25, 2005
ottawa ontario
Wow…I am worried now. I am running my 1998 Neon 2.0 liter on Mobil 1 5w-30 and a K&N HP-2004 filter. Oil / filter change interval is 6 months or 7,500 miles. The engine has 110,000miles on it Most of my trips are short…like 10 miles or less. Based on that a guy that works for our fleet maintenance says I should be changing twice as often!! I had an oil analysis done 2 years ago and it was fine….but most of my driving was trips of around 25 miles at that time. What do you guys think?
I am currently using the standard Mobil 1…not the newer extended performance stuff. I am due for an oil change now. Maybe I should get an analysis done again. I figured it was a waste of money, because I thought 6/7500 was well within safe margins. BTW…I am topping up with 1 quart at this interval and it is an oversize filter I am using.
An oversize filter isn't going to help you with the primary challenges short trips present to your oil: fuel dilution, acid formation and condensation. Definitely get a UOA on your current fill, or drop back to the 3,750 mile OCI using a good dino oil like Havoline.
Neons have very small sumps, changing more often is the ticket for those I think. An oversize filter is not going to help much in that situation to getting an extended OCI. 4-5k tops would be my guess with short trips, maybe less.
If the vehicle is in good operating condition you will not have any problems. Check my recent UOA that would confirm this. My vehicles were started to move them 15 feet and numerous trips under 1/2 miles.
If the vehicle is in good operating condition you will not have any problems.
Now that gives me more confidence. This car runs like a swiss watch. Regular maintenance. Had the emissions tested this past May and it was running very clean. I picked up Mobil 1 and an oil filter earlier this week, as I am at the 6month point now. I am going to have an oil analysis done just to be sure. I’m in Canada….what lab should I use?
Change your oil before your Canada c-o-l-d winter sets in. Your engine will thank you later & stay cleaner longer.
It’s getting done this weekend. Fresh Mobil 1 5w30 makes for easy starts when the overnight temp is in the –30c range.
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