OCI on GC at 5k or wait longer?

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May 5, 2003
Southern DE
My first fill of GC in my 2000 Audi S4 has 5k now and since that's my usual OCI I was wondering if I should change it now and send off for UOA or wait longer just to see what it can do? My prior UOA's with 8k on Amsoil 0W30 and 5k on M1 0W40 came back fine a few months back so I can probably go longer , but I often read about changing new oil out sooner. Currently have 130k on the car. What do you think? Wait until 7k or do it now?
I don't really know if you should wait or not, but I am interested in how you think your motor ran with GC compared to your previous oils. Could you hear or feel a difference?
Break new ground!! Be bold! Join the club of XOCI!!! Cast those lowly OCIs away and step forth boldly into the realm where so many appear so afraid to dwell!! [Big Grin] Okay ..what's your "time" thingie? That is, how fast do you accumulate 5k ...what would 6months give you on mileage? It seems that many who are into the 4-6k OCI fall on an "evenly" distributed type thing on an annual basis. I think it has to fall into a 3...4..or 6 month interval. 5..7..and 9 just don't seem to work for most people.
Funny you should ask, but yes, it does *feel* different. I always felt that I could hear more valve noise with the M1, less so with the Amsoil 0W30. But this GC really makes the car sound quiet. Gas mileage doesn't appear to have changed at all. I can't wait to get the UOA done to see if it performs as well as the other two because I really like the way it feels in the car.
Gary, I drive a lot. The GC went in around May 1st and I'd guess the 5k is about 50/50 highway/rural. Don't do much city stop and go driving out here in the sticks.
Well it has been in during moderate weather, since you don't do a lot of stop and go, your previous oil analysis were fine at that or greater milage , and it feels O.K.-you should go further. Put on another filter and go a few thousand more. BTW I was down "in the sticks" in the Reading Area today. Between Boyertown and Pleasantville. We used to live near Jacksonwald.
1. Buy Pump for $20.00 At CAT dealer. 2. Sample at 6500 mi and change filter. 3. Sample at 10000 mi. 4. Sample and Drain at 13000 mi. This puts you on 3 month FCI and 6 month OCI. Gene
If the color is still good (ie. it's not drop dead black) and consumption is not an issue, you should be completely safe to 10k IMHO. This is the longstanding standard Euro OCI.
You could run dino 5w30 and be good for 5K, although I wouldn't run dino in a turbo motor at all. Your S4 2.7t should go 10K easily with its large sump, esp. with LL-01 (long-life) rated oils such as M1 0w40 & GC. Even if you have Doritos. The typical OCI in Germany is more like 15K with LL-01 oils, I understand. I'm running GC as my next fill in my allroad 2.7t for the factor-recommended 10K OCI (It now has M1 0w40 in it).
DrT, color is still a dark honey green, not black at all. Wlliar, Yes, I have Doritos [Big Grin] . Ok, I'll take it to 7500, but that's it since it's the first time in the sump. I'll get UOA then and see how it does.
Funny that you should post this today. About two hours ago, I drew an oil sample of my first GC fill from my 2003 V-6 Camry. The bottle is in the Blackstone container, ready to ship tomorrow. The oil has been in the car for a month-and-a-half and has about 5200 miles on it. I'm going to FedEx it, so I should be posting results in just a few days. By the way, looking in the sample bottle, mine has pretty well lost the green color, although it's still faintly greenish when wiped from the dipstick onto a white paper towel. Nor is it near black, though. Consumption was dead zero. Can hardly wait to see how this one comes out.
UPDATE: My GC UOA is posted over in the UOA section. Mixed results. Wear looks pretty good, but the TBN is pretty depleted at only 5300 miles. Since it's an A3 oil, I'd hoped for better.
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