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Nov 3, 2002
I am on my 2nd run of T&Suv this summer, 8000 miles now with a jumbo filter. I have another q of T&Suv for topping oil and was planning on changing after that was used, but my car seems to be burning very little oil. Maybe this is due to light driving style. I have a LOT of GC to use up and probally will use that exclusively for a long time. I want to do a flush of a short OCI with 10w-40 Havoline/Chevron, that's a given seeing how well T&Suv cleans and potentially swells seals, a few 1000 mi of the G-II oil will set the seals (rolls eyes). Anyway, here are my options, or suggest any variation you think is worth considering. ps, I have 110k and it's clean inside...already ARXed.
Go extended on the T&Suv, but I want the GC in by late Dec. Change soon and let the flush/seal set go through Oct-Nov (1500mi/mo). Do a Patman flush??? (a few q of GC run at idle to flush) or is my basic plan sound, take T&Suv out to 9000 mi, then 6 weeks/2000 mi of dino, and then GC every 4 months? TIA
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