O.K, , So Where Do I Find Chevron Motor Oil?

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Oct 10, 2005
Attleboro, Massachusetts
New England appear to be " the Land that Chevron Forgot." Where do I find Chevron? I can find its kissin-cousin Havoline ( use it -like it) at AA, etc. I NEVER see Chevron advertised in any of the papers. What gives?
You can find the Chevron Delo 400 15w-40 in Walmarts throughout New England. Chevron's marketing is concentrated on the west coast. Before it was called Chevron, it was called "Calso", which stood for California Standard Oil.
Here's a list of all merchants that carries Chevron..take your pick. [stretch] TECHRON® Concentrate Fuel System Cleaner and PRO-GARD® ABC Discount Auto Parts The Anderson’s Advance Auto Parts Aid Auto Stores Auto Barn Auto Zone Bennett Auto Benny’s Berry's Bi-Mart Blain’s Farm & Fleet Champion Auto Stores Checkers Auto Parts Consumer Auto Parts Costco for Pro-Gard Fred Meyers G.I. Joes Kmart Kragen Auto Lappen Auto Supply Meijer Murray’s Discount Auto Stores Napa Auto Parts Stores National Auto Stores O'Reilly Automotive Part Source Pep Boys Schucks Salvo Auto Parts Scotty's Strauss Discount Target VIP Discount Auto Wal-Mart Chevron Supreme® Motor Oil AID Auto Stores Checkers Auto Parts Costco GI Joes Kragen Auto O’Reilly Automotive (Texas) Pep Boys Western US Schucks Sam’s (Select locations) Wal-Mart (Sunbelt and Western U. S.) Delo® 400 AutoZone Bi-Mart Checkers Auto Parts Costco Discount Auto G.I. Joes Kragen Napa Stores O’Reilly Automotive Pep Boys Western US Sam’s (Select locations) Wal-Mart All major truck stops nationwide [ October 23, 2005, 10:20 PM: Message edited by: vwoom ]
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