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Sep 10, 2005
Elmwood Park, IL
Not the actor but the drink.

I'm a total pulp junkie; so what brand is loaded, and I mean LOADED with it?

Tropicana Grovestand is just not enough; any suggestions?
I really like Pulp too. But the only way is to make it yourself... the commerically made ones are not enough pulp.
I agree with KR.

Get some juicy (think heavy) oranges of various varieties (I like some tangelos, grapefruit in my blend, too) - the juice and scoop the pulp.

Commercial juice is all acid....and aged.
find yourself some large california navel oranges and squeeze them, there is no finer oj. it tastes completely different than anything from the store. just in case you are wondering, oranges from california are different than florida and texas. most of ours are grown to be be eaten, not juiced so they are sweeter.
I found California orange to have more orange "flavor" and its texture is better for eating, definitely my favor.

However, in regarding to juice, I think Tropicana is as good as commercial can get and that is the only brand I get (when on sale, will go to another store to buy, etc).

Maybe a bit off topic. I found that Sunkist in foreign country are far more expensive ($1.25 US per lb 10 years ago, even more right now) and taste far better. Maybe they get all the good ones and ship them out for big bucks first, so we only got left with 2nd grades.

I still remember when my friend came here to visit me they will keep eating the cheap oranges until they explode. So cheap here, it is like all you can eat.
I am very happy with Tropicana Grovestead. I drink it late in the evening while surfing BITOG. It's my midnight snack. In the morning I use any old O.J. because it goes in my corn flakes or cheerios.
I like the Simply Orange or Indian River brands. The best is the fresh squeezed I get when I visit my in-laws in Fort Myers, FL. They have 4 trees in the backyard.
I don't like just a plain orange flavored liquid. I only bought the ones labelled "highest pulp". After thinking about what pasteurizing does to any food value it has I now buy oranges and after peeling them toss them into a blender with a couple of ice cubes. Now, lots of pulp, just not as easy as pouring it out of a carton.
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