Number of Spare Magazines You Consider Adequate?

For my .380 that I took lessons with I had 10. Since each mag only holds 6 rounds I did not want to wast private instruction time reloading mags.
When there isn't a global plague I usually shoot a pistol match that needs about 200 rounds and a rifle match where I need about 120 rounds monthly. My goal is to have 18 to 24 months supply on hand to support the matches I shoot. I don't want to be forced into buying ammo when it 150-200% higher than non-panic prices. OTOH, ammo ain't like fine wine, it doesn't get better with age. How much do you actually shoot? Have enough on hand to support doing that for a while. Have enough magazines (and other spares like firing pins and extractors) to keep your guns running for a while. BSW
Only have 2 each for my pistols. Had more but they had to go out of state due to changes in the law. I should buy more.
Further, if, like me, you own pistols from that era, many of their magazines are no longer made, and have become quite expensive.

For example, magazines for a Smith & Wesson 1006 (full size, all stainless steel 10mm) are going for outrageous money now that they are in limited supply. Auctions have closed at over $100 for each. One enterprising seller on GunBroker is listing 1006 magazines for $200 each.

Magazines for my 4006, 5906, 4506, and 6906 are also quite scarce and difficult to source. Glad I stocked up on the 5906 mages when they were still new. Wish I had done the same for others.
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My way of thinking is this , if suddenly everything I have would become impossible to buy , would I have enough guns and ammo ( and mags ) to sustain me for the rest of my life ?
Do numbers go that high?

For me they do--I'm 76, not, for instance, 36.. I have two pistols of the same caliber and brand and have eight mags, always loaded, for them.. When I practice, I shoot a few from EACH mag.. I have about 6k rounds of PD ammo for the two pistols.
I'm wanting to buy some 15 rd. magazines for my M&P 40's. Which aftermarket name brands should I avoid? Is PRO-MAG magazines any good?
I’ve had good experience with OEM, MEC-Gar and Magpul. In your case, I would go S&W all day long. Not worth saving $10 on a magazine, only to have trouble with it....
I saved every Sports Illustrated from 1988 through 1995. Got rid of all those when we moved. Still kept one; @redhat would probably know which one..........

The one with Everson Walls on the cover. January 1991.

Whoops. I thought this was a magazine bad! I'll go now.