Now what weight oil?

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Dec 29, 2002
After reading a lot of the posts and the other postings, I think I will probably go with the Castrol. Now the question is 10W 30 Or 5W 30. They both call for 5W 30 in their manuals. I Don't get cold enough down here to worry about low temps. But I see where some of it shears down. And I do go 5,000 between changes. Does the 5W give that much more milage? Oh yes beings I am getting pretty old my wife told me I should slow down some. I guess it makes her nervous, as she is a little bit older than I am. But WOW, on the Town Car, I was getting 20 to 21 miles per gal, at 65 to 70 or so. Now at 55, I am getting 25 to 27 miles per. I guess there is something good about growing old. That will probably be easier on the oil also. But one of the reasons I go 5,000 miles per change is, except for the pickup, all my trips are at least 20 miles most more, and a lot of them 150 miles. No real short trips.

If you are going to go at least 5000 miles and aren't "into" doing a lot of oil changes, why don't you go synthetic and go even longer than 5K? Now, I am certain there are guys or gals on this board who could cite you examples of dino lubed cars which did well using 5K intervals; but like I told you in the post I just made in your other thread, you can find examples to "prove" anything; I would NEVER, you know like in NEVER recommend it!
To Al, I am using Valvoline 5W 30 right now. And as for using synthetics I only drive about 5,000 miles per car, so they say it needs changed within a year, so it would cost too much for my use. They tell me over seas they go a lot longer than 5,000 before they change, and I believe it. I think that the 3,000 mile changes are a thing the oil companys are wanting. Even the car companys say like on mine 7,500, but I change it at 5.
If it doesn't routinely get cold in your area, 10w-30 for sure is a better viscosity. The only time mileage will be improved with 5w-30 is in cold weather, because once the engine oil gets to operating temp, both 5w/10w-30s have essentially the same viscosity (until the 5w-30 starts to shear down closer to a 5w-20.
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