Noticed the change in Chevron Supreme

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
I change the oil in my father in laws 1997 Ranger every 3 months. He will run about 4000 miles between changes. I have done this for over a year and have always used Chevron. Noticed on the last change that the new oil was much darker in color than previous changes. I assume that is due to the moly now in the oil? And maybe other tinkering? The old formulation was almost crystal clear. Hey this is a geat oil- I will get a uoa on the next change at the end of September. If I did not change his oil he never would. [Smile] and the truck would be this [crushedcar] But I am the only oil freak in the family so who cares [LOL!]
like a rock, If there is moly in that there erl, then it is formulated much differently than the Chevron 5W30 Syn just posted in the VOA section. PS You never have to justify being an "oil freak" to us! [Big Grin]
Pscholte- check out recent VOA of the chevron supreme and they show some moly. Maybe I need to change his oil to redline because he will keep the truck until it looks like the twin sister to the junker on the beverly hillbillies. [Duh!]
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