Not many options for fuel pumps on 2004 Honda Insight

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
It's a CVT automatic and Rock Auto only has Beck Arnley listed,,1425541,fuel+&+air,fuel+pump,6256

If I search under 2003, there are a lot more and cheaper options,,1415742,fuel+&+air,fuel+pump,6256

I can't see what the difference is between the two years, and in fact the Beck Arnley is also listed under 2003, but the others listed under 2003 are not listed for 2004. On Ebay there is a Bosch pump they say will fit for $25,

Any suggestions which to get? Pump not available from Honda. Already have the old one out and will take it apart tonight for a better look at the motor.
according the honda the same pump fits both years.

Nope, the one for the automatic is,
I have no experience with this application but in general this is a considerable problem with RA's parts catalog IME

There are exceptions but typically if X=Y and Y=Z then X=Z

In order to get Motorcraft parts (water pump, brake booster) for an '07 CX-9 I had to shop for an Edge. I verified that all the other options fit the CX-9 and the Edge and concluded the Motorcraft would work even though not specifically listed.

I've done this with other applications that I can't remember, too.....
Could be worse. Try a 2004-2009 Prius - the fuel pump is sealed in the tank, Toyota used this to achieve AT-PZEV status on US/Canadian models.

Bosch or Denso is my pick - I’m leery about the eBay Bosch as it might be fake. I’ve replaced a pump alone, it’s not a terrible job but attention to detail is needed.