Not getting a vehicle recall addressed-(2017 Cruze LS potential fuel leak/fire hazard during impact/accident)

Dec 10, 2014
A friend of mine has a daughter (age 27), that bought a 2017 Cruze new. Not long afterward GM issued a safety recall dealing with a fix for a potential fuel leak/fire hazard during certain types of impacts/accidents.
She has received a couple of recall notices in mail going back over a year and get this ........ lives less than 2 miles from the Chevy dealer that she bought the car from.
How's that for being proactive ? I chalk it up to just plain laziness. Have offered more than once to follow her to dealer to drop car off, and take her back to pick it up when recall is complete. If she ain't worried about it, then I'm not either.
Sounds lazy... or hopeful? maybe she hates the car...

I can't say much, I just got a recall for a power window switch and I'm putting it off until this summer. If it hasn't caught fire in 17 years then maybe it'll last another 7 months.
Maybe she just doesn’t quite grasp how serious of an issue it is, though fuel leak/fire should just scream “FIX IT NOW!!!”

As for not addressing recalls, I ignored every single one for my Chrysler 300’s rotary shifter. There are 2 places it showed what gear it was in, I don’t need a little motor to put it in park for me if I open the door with my seatbelt off.
maybe show these?

edit: Spoiler alert, it was a fuel line recall that 2 prior owners had put off doing, and Tyler was GOING to have done in about a month, with the upcoming major service.
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I think this is the recall where the fuel pump lock ring gets replaced. The dealer probably has the part, and I don't think it's that crazy of a repair labor wise. I'm pretty sure I've given it out on waiter tickets (though waiter stamp doesn't necessarily mean they waited).

My Explorer was well maintained, but somehow missed the circa 2008 cruise control brake switch/fused jumper harness recall. I put on a jumper harness I pulled from one in a junkyard so it doesn't burn my house down. Eventually I'll take it in so it's officially done. That's some BITOG dinosaur stuff there, using junkyard parts to do a recall at home.
If you’re not worried about it then why create this thread? Let her do her. As a side note, GM and other manufacturers often entice owners with open recalls with gift cards to encourage them to get the recall completed. She might get lucky and get some kind of offer like that.
Ha! I figured that much out. I was just curious about other maintenance on the vehicle.
This Cruze had the piston recall/replacement done not long after it was purchased. Other than that it really has been a good car. I have done all the routine minor maintenance (oil changes, air filters, wiper blades, replaced brake pads once, and had a set of tires put on it).
In Cali they match open recalls to the ability to renew tags.

Let a recall notice go open too long - cant renew your plates.
I never go to the dealer simply for a recall. At bare minimum when an oil change is required otherwise a waste of time and energy.
Only if it is emissions related.

hmm interesting.

My ridgeline had a fuel pump feed port recall, and that held up renewal.

Using the standard of " fuel" being remission related the OP would be flagged identically in calif.