Not a mention of motorcraft oil on the recent favorite oil post

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
To my shock not a person mentioned Motorcraft oil as a favorite. It has worked well for me for several years. Look at the source- Conoco which has a great reputation of producing quality oil. I am using Motorcraft 10w-40 now and will post a UOA in a few weeks. Any thoughts either positive or negative are welcome.

I didn't expect someone with a handle like yours to go with anything related to Ford. Maybe no one mentioned Motorcraft because they, like me, don't use OEM-branded stuff. We may not know who really produces it, or may find it hard to locate at other than the dealer and figure who wants to pay what the dealer probably charges for it. Seems like I saw a solid Used Oil Analysis on Mo 5W-30 on this site.
Wish I had replied, I use the Motorcraft 5w30 in my 5.4 F-150. No consumption issues and seems to be real clean inside the valve covers from what I can tell and this is at 105,000 miles. Son uses the 5w20 in his Ranger. So far so good.
For once, this is actually a quality OEM product. We do know who manufactures it - it is essentially a Conoco Hydroclear oil. It is very easy to find, as it is carried at every Wal-Mart I've been too. Its also reasonably priced, generally about 1.39 for all grades except 5w20, which is about 1.79 a quart. My local dealer also carries it for about the same prices.

I think you don't hear as much about it because many people figure just like one of the previous posts that its overpriced dealer hype on the oil. People see "motorcraft" on it, and get the same reaction.

Also, some people on this board dislike the lack of moly in these oils, but that hasn't been an issue in any of the UOA's we've seen of this oil either.
Funny you guy's should mention Motorcraft oil. The wife's 2002 Exploder just had her 25,000 mile service done yesterday at the Ford dealer. She has been going every 5,000 miles to the dealer for an oil change. They have been using the Motorcraft 5W-30, as required in the manual. I had them save approximately 3/4 quart, A sample is going to be sent to Blackstone for a "Terry" analysis
. I'll definitely post the results. It should be interesting since the Exploder has only used Motorcraft 5W-30 since new. And other than a first oil change at around 2,000 miles and the next at the 5,000 mile odometer reading, the rest have been @ 5,000 mile intervals.

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