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Jul 26, 2004
New Bri-en, CT
Seems the North Face has piles on HD videos regarding various worldwide adventure seekers For the ADHD jump to about 2:40;
One about Iraqi war vets resolving some conflicts
Lots more with stunning video from various other 'tops of the world' Will post others I find worthwhile
Some good the positive, and it is needed with all the crazy.... One of the reasons I love and wore North Face stuff (before it was trendy) Think we all could use some adventure.... smile
Didn't some backpackers in the last few years try and live life as an "adventure" and got themselves captured by the bad guys someplace in Afghanistan?
North Face is de rigeur for high school kids around here, thank goodness it is actually high quality stuff that will keep you warm and dry. The ski shop at our home mountain is packed full of NF and my daughter's last three ski jacket/pant combos came from there, although she tore her last set of NF pants and I ended up buying her Spyder race-style zip open pants as a stopgap, and her winter coat is also NF. I don't mind paying the premium price for her, but I tend to buy cheaper small brand stuff that has a reputation for quality for myself. Couldn't tell you what brand my ski jacket is, but I have used it for 4-5 seasons and it still does the job and doesn't look ratty (couldn't say anything that good about the 2 Columbia jackets I had). A convenience store near my last job suddenly was selling all kinds of NF stuff one winter and I figured it must be counterfeit, but I looked at a couple of the jackets very closely and they were either real or truly great fakes. It was the kind of place where cops tended to hang around and I figured it would be pretty ballsy to sell fake clothes under their noses (barring some kind of free coffee and donuts to not look in that part of the store kind of deal). I ended up buying a vest for my daughter and she loved it, great for late fall and early spring weather...the only problem was that her friends kept asking her where she had bought it because they wanted one!! I don't think I ever knew the name of that place, just had a big "CONVENIENCE" sign.
I tried on a North Face jacket a couple years ago and I didn't want to take it off. It was nice. I saw the price and I took it off. I believe in buying quality stuff but I think I can find better value elsewhere.
Recently purchased two winter coats from North Face......Outer Boroughs and a Mcmurdo down parkas. Extremely well made and warm as can be in even the lowest temps. Expensive? Oh yes...very. But these parkas will last us the rest of our lives.
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