Noise from front wheel area

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Jan 15, 2006
Looks like I'm in for a case of no good deed goes unpunished.

Did the winter tire swap a couple of days ago on my sister-in-law's van, I've done it a couple of times for them already, and the tire swap, like for most here, is something I could practically do in my sleep. Vehicle is a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan. As I had a busy week, I only took the summers off and put the winters off, didn't bother doing the usual visual inspection I would normally do on my own vehicles (and of course did when I did them last weekend).

Now, when my brother-in-law was driving, he sent a message asking me to help him check it out, because it makes "a noise like the front tires are rubbing." I really have no clue what this sound actually is, and I guess I will have to hear it in person to better narrow it down.

Hoping it is something as simple as worn brakes, and I send him off to go get it done. I have no appetite to help him do it, as I can think of better things to do with my time.

I also know I may suspect such things as a wheel bearing, or possible tire belt separation.

Any other ideas what I may need to look for besides the usual suspects in this case?

Not looking forward to potentially getting blamed for something already wrong with their vehicle here.
I just did a front hub bearing in my Toyota, its possible you have the same issue. It could also be road noise from the tires that is different after the tire swap. (Only a suggestion)
Could be a wheel bearing or a bad tire, maybe one of the tires you put on have a bad belt or something.
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