Noise deadening with Redline 60wt race oil?

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Sep 9, 2008
Hi everybody, will I open a can of worms? I just added about half bottle of Redline race oil 60wt because the level was a bit low, so with the sump full thats about 4.5 quarts of oil total. The oil in the sump was mobil one 15w50. I believe noise has gone down and the car revs a bit easier , despite the thicker oil. (vintage automobil, never lighter than 50wt... now the mixture is between 50 and 60 wt, towards 50wt..) is this just my imagination?
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I don't know about your car, but when I went from M10W40 to redline 5W40 on my old boxster S, the noise decreased dramatically. The boxster has a noisy valvetrain with about an 8 foot long timing chain and the engine sits 12 inches behind you, so you really notice any difference in noise. BTW, I wouldn't use too much race oil as it has minimal detergents so not really for street cars. Designed for race cars that will change the oil often.
Hi saaber1 thanks for the response. This vintage sweetheart has no noise insulation, thats why I noticed it just like you.
As I understand, there are two ways of reducing noise: by deadening vibration, and by reducing friction in certain parts. The Red Line you added is obviously thicker than the Mobil 1, and it's also slipperier because it's a pure racing oil. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it made your engine quieter.
I don't know what spec your vehicle calls for but a 50W or 60w oil is pretty thick. It's an engine, not pancakes.
20w50 hm in the summer is the heavest i would go 60 wt is really too heavy in my opinion.. i like either Pennzoil or valvoline high mileage oils i have seen them work well..Good luck
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