NOACK - Supertech Synthetic

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Nov 25, 2003
The Tropics of Antartica
Does anyone here have the NOACK numbers for the Supertech Synthetic ? At 11.88 for a 5 quart jug it sure seems a deal compared to the new pricing of 8+ bucks a jug for some of the dino's at Walmart I saw yesterday . Of course another 7 bucks or so gets the Mobil Supersyn jugs so where do ya draw the line ? [Razz]
What does the jug list as specs.?? The link only lists ACEA A1. It mentions Viper and GM, but doesn't say it meets GM4718-M etc. It also makes a statement about it's high viscosity index (140 ain't high) improving cold starts??? Strange comment. HT/HS doesn't impress. Look at the 5W-30. I think I draw the line somewhere between Motorcraft @ $1.40 a qt. and Mobil 1.
One can go to the Amsoil site and look at their group III XL series oils and make a SWAG at the NOACK of the Supertech I suppose but my thinking was when I saw Pennzoil 5 quart jugs at near 9 bucks this group III might be a viable alternative for some especially after seeing this near 7k run Supertech Synthetic of course there are always sales when Motorcraft, Chevron , Havoline and others can be picked up at 10 quarts for the price of the ST Synthetic 5 quart jug . so many oils and options on how to use them [Smile]
Is the ST synthetic in the silver bottle made by Warren and the older version in the bronze bottle made by QS. Which version is listed in the UOA for 7k miles. Does anybody have a UOA on the new Warren stuff.
Originally posted by csandste: <15. Earlier postings indicated that that's the minimum for SL oil and so Warren probably didn't take accurate listing of this that seriously.
Bingo. Pennzoil used to do the same thing. (They may still do it, since I haven't looked at any recent product data sheets from Pennzoil.) For example, if the maximum CCV for 10w30 is <6600, that's what they would list, <6600 rather than give the actual tested viscosity. [Roll Eyes]
I hate when they do this < > crap! Is it so hard to post the actual numbers? I mean they performed the tests so they must have the numbers, right? Makes me think they're trying to hide something.
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