No Toyota SLLC VOA?

Aug 14, 2015
I just had a UOA done and found high levels of potassium (and some sodium) in the oil.

I'm trying to get some idea of how much coolant that level of potassium represents. There were 42 ppm Potassium, as well as 24 ppm of sodium (the previous UOA done immediately prior to this OCI, found 0 ppm potassium, and 10 ppm sodium).

I searched and didn't find a VOA of Toyota Pink Super Long Life Coolant.

(1) Has anyone posted one here?

(2) Barring that, does anyone know the upper limits of how much potassium is used in coolants?
Are you losing coolant? Any signs of excessive moisture in the valve cover or under the oil fill cap? Some oils use sodium as an additive, but I don‘t know of any that use potassium.
At this point I am not; earlier in the OCI I might have, although I don't remember. But there certainly are no signs of coolant contamination in the oil--no milky color or substance. Regardless, someone at the Shell UOA program I talked to said that this wouldn't represent much, and that they saw no need to do a UOA again just for testing for more coolant. He did suggest what you asked about, to keep an eye out for those signs.