No Texas Tea ?

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Sep 21, 2014
Hi all, long time lurker, just joined.

I was surprised, after using Search, to find no discussions on Texas Tea brand oil. It's talked about with some regularity on motorcycle forums. Used it in my Acura, seemed fine.

Any advice on this brand? I doubt I'll ever put it in my Porsche, but the Acura and Kawasaki seem happy with it.
what is the advantage vs national brands carried at ~~5qt/25$?
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Originally Posted By: Rand
what is the advantage vs national brands carried at ~~5qt/25$?

Excellent question! Other than the company's own words, I know of nothing, but it's a tru synthetic and is priced right. When I bought in bulk off Amazon, it was cheaper than M1.
From the MSDS it appears it consists of a blend of Group III, IV, and V base oils,as are many others, probably no better or worse than others as well.
Search didn't reveal any Texas Tea. I tested it my searching Motul and did find reults. Odd.

Anyway, I was just wondering if any of these niche brands are super popular on here. No real reason to use it, other than curiosity. A racer (motorcycle) was endorsing it for a while.

I honestly don't see how a company like Texas Tea can make a profit. It's not like they are bottling spring water. This is hard work. Then there's the trust issue with the masses.
You probably used the site search feature, but you can also use google custom search

this is how you do it in google. Texas tea

Texas tea
here are the results....
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