No second gear in Chevy Metro

Dec 16, 2012
Oregon coast
Just bought a 2000 Chevy Metro that needs a lot of work but hits on all 3 and drives. I can put the trans in second and the shift itself feels good and solid but as soon as I let up on the clutch pedal it starts grinding. It sounds to me like the gear teeth are lunched, but I know there is not enough tourqe in this little 3 banger to eat a gearset. Does anyone have any experience with this in a Metro?

If the shifter is in fact engaging it in the proper position it probably has hosed teeth and needs to removed to check it out. It is not torque that killed it, it is more likely sloppy shifting and grinding the teeth during engagement.
Either rebuild it which should not be too difficult on this one or buy a good used one, you may even find a brand new one cheap for this car.
I will probably pull it to tear down and clean out. I'll inspect it and throw it back together to drive as a 4 apeed untill parts arrive. Or just keep driving the Yukon until its fixed properly. As long as I can find parts I will rebuild rather than replace.
I applaud your efforts...if it was me, I would wind it out in first gear and just jump to third. Little to no value in that car for the effort.

Sitting still, if you put it into second, and hold pressure on the shifter while you slowly let out the clutch, do you get the same effect?