No OIL Dipstick?!

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Jan 9, 2005
Sarasota, Florida
They are going away from dipsticks. 'Not sure why. I complained that I wanted to be able to actually SEE my oil so they gave me a stick for my new Maybach.

I didn't know that. That reminds me of the general European mentality that "We'll take care of you so you aren't allowed to take care of yourself." Or else that "We know better than you what's good for you and what you want."

Sorry, I just had to vent a little today.
My 2001 Porsche does not have a dipstick. I don't miss it, except to look at the oil color. The electronic oil level measurment seems very accurate. It measures the level in the dry sump tank with the engine running.

One of the new Porche models DOESNT have a dipstick for the oil.

What are they thinking?

Here is the site and quote from it:

"The dipstick - formerly a tool that Boxster owners could use to commune with their engines - is gone. Porsche has replaced the ubiquitous rod with an electronic monitoring system. No more oily rendezvous, no chances to eyeball the oil color and ponder its remaining usable life. The engine now keeps tabs on such matters and a dashboard light indicates when attention is needed."
Some newer MBs didnt come with a dipstick. I read somewhere that a retrofit dipstick is available to install along with the oil monitor unit.

The level is displayed as a bar graph in the instrument cluster. The bars are solid or outlined depending on the level. Each bar is 1/4 quart.

The level is displayed as a bar graph in the instrument cluster. The bars are solid or outlined depending on the level. Each bar is 1/4 quart.

At least it's not just an idiot light.
Why put something on the car that the average owner will never use? To check a dipstick, you have to figure out how to open the hood. This also eliminates complaints about hard to read dipsticks. Don't forget, we are a bunch of weirdoes here.
Given the connotation that sometimes accompanies the word "dipstick," maybe it is better if they do go the way of the 8 track tape. Now "drain plug"...there is a term with no ignoble connections so it MUST stay.
my new Benz has no dipstick and I am very comfortable with the end result

The large central display unit has:
a low oil level alert,
"Engine Oil Level - Stop, Engine Off"

"Engine Oil Level Measuring Now",

"Measurement Correct Only If Veh. Level"

"Observe Waiting Period"

The "waiting period" is 5 minutes if the engine is at normal operating temperature, or 30 minutes if the engine is not at that temperature

"Engine Oil Level OK"

Or, a three level add oil scale;

"Add 1 liter to reach Max. oil level!"
"Add 2 litres to reach Max. oil level!"
"Add 3 litres to reach Max. oil level!"

and a warning,
"Engine Oil Level "Reduce" Oil Level"
if you have overfilled it

So we all need to move with the times - using the correctly specced and Approved lubricants and following the on board oil condition sensor's directions are with us
The have been in Euro Trucking circles for some time now

The projected savings in oil wastage is mind boggling!!!


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I wish Nissan didn't have a dipstick on the Navara turbodiesel.

It's a stupid dipstick with a 180 degree twist immediately above and below the scale for add to full.

The lower twist seems to deposit oil on the dipstick tube, which gets picked up by the upper twist next time.

So you pull the dipstick, wipe it, put it in, and it reads an inch overfull.

The only consistent reading that you can get is dead cold, and the thing holds about a litre of oil up a "correct" cold reading is about a litre over the full mark.

(wonder If I could adapt an MB system...surely wouldn't cost much)
shannow - you got it

I would like a $10 bill for everytime a Driver has disobeyed our policy of adding oil beyond the halfway mark. The accellerated burn also burns dollars!!!
It just simply burns away - I've even fired a Driver or two for overfilling by checking when hot!

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