No more TSUV 5-40

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Aug 14, 2003
Kingsport, TN
It looks like my supplier of TSUV 5-40 (walmart) will now stock only the 5-30 grade. My jeep really did well on that oil. I can get it via mail order at a premium price with freight tacked on or find another off the shelf oil. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I was thinking of using GC since it is in the high 30 weight range and can be had locally.

Check out the Mobil website, and our threads from a few months back. There is no longer a Mobil-1 5w-40 TSUV. For whatever reason, Mobil created a new 5w-30 (yet another) and gave it the TSUV name. There is now another oil, called something like "Turbo Diesel Truck" that comes in the 5w-40 grade. I have not closely followed the discussions relating to these oils, so I'm not sure whether the TDT 5w-40 is just the old stuff with a new name, or a reformulated same-grade oil.
Problem is, wally world (or anyone else in my region) does not carry it. I can get Delvac1 or the TDT variant via mail order (or Amsoil), but the price is at a premium (around 6$/qt) and that dont include freight. I draw the line around 5$/qt. since I dont do UOAs and stretch it to the limit. I usually change around 6K or 6 months.
Use RTS. Does fine in most usage where T&SUV was used. Lots cheaper.

I've only got 2 gallons of T&SUV left

Drive up to White's Garage (or White's Racing) towards Bristol (on the right). I would bet that he can order it for you without much of premium.
Delvac1 is the same thing. Also, some WM's still have a supply. I scored the last 7 quarts at a WM in south St. Louis for 2.50 each just last week.
This is definitely annoying. None of my usual places (Whale-Mart, Pep Boys, Advance, or Napa) carry the Turbo Diesel Truck. I've got enough of the "old" T&SUV for one more change in my Saab, after that I guess I'll either have to order it from somewhere or switch to a new product. I wonder how a mix of 3 qts. 0W-40 and 1 qt 15W-50 would do?

Pssst, try NAPA.
It's a little pricey, but if you love it like I do it's worth it. I got enough for about 3 changes, that's the better part of a year for me, hopefully M1 DTD will be out by then.
I don't know about the States but in Canada I buy all my Esso/Mobil products from a bulk agent. They have or can get any Esso/Mobil product at competitive prices. Only downside is that the bulk depots can be a little out of the way. The upside is you have to buy in bulk. An oil themed Costco!
Are you talking about a quickie lube outfit like Jiffy Lube? I am talking about a bulk fuel/lubricant supplier. As for amounts, they sell the Mobil1 stuff in either 4L jugs or 6 packs of 1L bottles. The famous XD3 is sold in either 4L jugs or 12*1L bottle "flats".

You can buy some stuff in drums, I don't know if it is Mobil1 or XD-3 though. A stash of 55 gallon drums, that would be hardcore even for BIOG.
Do they still sell Delvac 1 at wal mart in Canada? I used to always stock up when I was up there (before M1 T&SUV came on the scene).

if you havea caterpiliar parts and service senter, their 5w-40 is supposedly rebadged delvac 1.

I'm talking about going to a lubricant supplier. It's called Vesco Oil in Southfield, MI.

JHZR2, you're correct about the M1 TSUV and Delvac being the same oil. A Mobil sales rep told me the difference is only in the marketing. That's why the bottles are different.
I'm planning on making a trip to a lube outlet to pick up some Mobil transmission fluid for my Volvo, offered for a lot less than the price from dealers or the internet ($3.58/qt vs $15.00/qt). What is the minimum quantity of motor oil they sell to the public?... 55 gal drum?... 1/4-drum?... 5 gal pails?
A local store still carries M1 5W40 T&S, I have a small stash, but I consider the location like a good fishing hole :^)
don't they have oil distributors in NA ?
In every major town here, each of the majors has a bulk fuel/oil distributor who supply that regions fuel stations, etc. It's where I go to get my D1, which I can buy in 5,20 or 220 litre drums and is cheaper than Mobil 1 at K-Mart or Big W, let alone the parts chains.
Have a look in the Yellow Pages, usually under fuel or oil.
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