No more qsud jugs at advanced or autozone.

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Feb 10, 2014
I haven't seen any jugs at either store lately and when I asked the employees at both stores all I got was well we have it in qts. Whats that all about. Id like to go back to qsud5w30. If qsud is the same as it was last year then it has a better noack rating then its big brothers pp and ultra. I guess ill have to go to wallyworld and search thru all the opened jugs for some.
A while back AZ was blowing the QSUD quarts out for $2ea. I went to a bunch of stores and cleaned them out.
I used it in customers cars and made some money on it ($4 a qt). Win win.
Nyogtha's right, QSGB is $12.99/jug and QSUD $19.99/jug at my nearest KMart.
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Buying motor oil at Advanced and Autozone is like throwing your money away. Although I don't like KMart even a little bit, yesterday for Veterans Day I scored online on two jugs of QSGB for $11.04 each. I visited Autozone today to see if they had any motor oil on clearance. The sales clerk was dumbfounded. QSGB at Autozone was $22.99 a jug. Not exactly a mere bag of shells.
Pep Boys has Havoline conventional for $8 a 5qt jug!

In store this morning...

Delo syn 5w40 $14/gal

MAG1 dexos syn $1.80/qt (cleaned them out)

PEAK conv $1.80/qt

V. Nextgen (all flavors) $1.80/qt

Havoline conv $8/jug

PU old formulation $3.50/qt
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It's very similar to the clearance AutoZone had last year, same time. Different stores with varying inventory but the savings are there.
My local Kmart said they wouldn't be running QS on sale again until after the New Year, due to Christmas lawaways and whatnot. Too bad, they could have made some money off of me. It's been my go to for QS dino. The two I've been to around me don't carry the synthetic, just dino and Defy. Maybe, like one member said, it isn't a big seller. I know it isn't here.
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