No luv @ A-Zone

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
Cruising through my closest Zone I happened to find the new planogram papers. They were laying in the oil drain pans next to the oil bottles so it's not like I went snooping. This included a list of the discontinued oils. BTW: GC was NOT on the list [Big Grin] Mostly 0-xx Mobil-1, Mobil DC and a lot of oils we don't see here on the west coast like Kendal and Havoline Syn. The last page said "Give the discontinued oils to your commercial accounts, Strong DIY's or vocational schools, fire dept's etc". So I looked at what they still had on the shelf that was on the list. A case of DC 10w-30, a couple of bottles of M-1 15w50 and 2 cases of SAE-40 QS. I took the papers to the counter clown who had no idea whats going on hoping to score something for cheap or free. No luck! The night manager snatched the papers from his hand and told me that I wasn't suposed to see that. [I dont know] Bummer...No cheap or free oil for me [Thumbs Down!]
how bout this i just got 6quarts of M1 5w30 for 18cents,how cool is that the guy selling it to me entered my coupon in wrong and made it 3 cents a bottle not 3$ im so happy
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