Nissan Titan Castrol 10W/30 SL 3,212 miles

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Jul 7, 2006
Asheville, NC
Equipment Make: Nissan Titan Equipment Model: 5.6L V8 Fuel Type: Gasoline Oil Use Interval: 3212 Oil Type & Grade: Castrol 10W/30 SL Miles On Oil 3212 Miles On Unit 12312 Sample Date 09/14/06 Castrol 10W/30 Universal Ave 3212 miles Aluminum 5 3 Chromium 1 1 Iron 5 12 Copper 3 5 Lead 3 4 Tin 3 1 Molybdenum 76 70 Nickel 0 0 Manganese 0 0 Silver 0 0 Titanium 0 0 K 0 0 Boron 2 62 Silicone 13 13 Na 2 10 Ca 1632 2130 Mg 9 105 P 711 722 Z 793 847 Barium 0 0 SUS Vis 65.0 @210 F Flashpoint 410 Fuel <0.5 Antifreeze 0 Water 0 Insolubles 0.3 Blackstone Comments: Universal averages show typical wear metals for an oil from this type of engine after about 4950 miles run on the oil. Your oil was in use 3212 miles, and we found all wear metals at around average levels and in the correct balance to show normal mechanical parts inside. Air and oil filtration appear normal. Silicone was Ok showing adequate air filtration and the 0.3% level of insolubles indicate good oil filtration. This was a 10W/30 engine oil with no fuel, moisture or antifreeze in it. Nice wearing Nissan at 12,312 miles. Check back to establish trends. My comments: My first UAO btw. This was my 4th 3K run for break in. No TBN due to the shorter interval. Oil and air filter were OEM. I think I will change the air filter soon. I have a fill of PP 5W/30 with a Wix filter in the truck now I’ll probably take to 5K and check with a TBN. This truck was broken in gently with a lot of variation in RPM's (it's easy here in the mountains) and no load placed on it for the first 1000K miles (though I would occasionally take it up to 4 or 5K rpms wihtout a load). I drive the vehicle gently though after I passed 10K I did a lot of WOT's for ~ 90 miles to complete any high rpm aspect of the break in. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.
I certainly would be hapy with it considering the flash point, filtration,no antifreeze, no fuel dilution. 5k miles sounds like what I would do.
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