Nissan exhaust system warranty ( new car)

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May 17, 2009
N.H, U.S.A.
Brought the rogue to the Dealer within the 3 yr/36mon bumper-bumper with what could be a heat shield rattle (or hangar crack). It sound like a Kazooo symphony or a sick oboe. at about 2000-2200 rpm. Dealer #1 at 31K miles for various maintenance, said they fixed it but did not put the repair on the RO. They did NOT fix it at all. Later I went to selling dealer (#2) at 35K miles. (BTW, I give them some good $$$ RO like tire alignment, mount and balance, repair heater box etc, trans lube.) He took a look at the ODO and said NO. and showed me the door. Question is: what is the new car exhaust warranty? I'll have to re-read the booklet but skimming a pDF online I didn't see anything excluded in the bumper to bumper. And this is not an ex pipie or muffler issue but a failure of a bracket or shield. I wasnt invited under the car at dealer #1. May be ill just forget Nissan and go to Skips Custom exhaust and have him weld it up. Ill get pix when I get under there. My back is acting badly and I couldnt crawl under the car last month. They didn't fix my frozen calipers either. Both fronts at 30K miles 2.5 year, destroyed the rotors on the INSIDE Surface. Nice job Nissan and also NOT Covered.
If it's a 2014 it could past the 3 year limit if it were put into service in 2013 or 2014. Doesn't sounds like good service anyway. Exhaust might be covered under the Federal Emissions warranty. 8/80k I think it is.
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Were you within the 3 year period? Does the warranty have a certain mileage limit?
Ill be out of the 3 year the end of this November though I did buy a seemingly worthless 5/60 bumper to bumper from a third party (just to get out of the finance office Hades) Dealer didn't even give me a written contract (though its on the bill of sale) The Noise Sounds like its between the first and second cat. Maybe they are just blowing me off to see if I will call Nissan and see whats what. I usally fight more, but Ive had a personal loss in the family and I'm out of gas for a fight right now. Sort of in some mellow funk Que Sera Sera "whatever" mode.
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It's 3 years from the date of in-service (when you bought the car). As Hoosier said, a MY2015 could have been sold as early as September 2014 meaning you are now out of warranty. The 8/80 warranty is for emissions system components, such as the cat converter and O2 sensors. I don't believe exhaust tubing after the cats is covered.
Squeaks, rattles and noises are a tough one unless the dealer service department can pinpoint it to an obvious component failure that they can easily atleast recoup their costs on. The Fed emissions thing on the catalytic converters probably only covers if the thing totally falls apart or throws a "catalyst inefficiency" code. I'm sure a dealer could finagle the paperwork and just replace the cats for you under this warranty, but it would take some sweet talking to just the right service adviser. I had a similar thing with a 1998 K1500 pickup years ago. Seemed to be coming from inside the muffler. A GM dealer ordered and replaced a full cat-back OEM exhaust system for me and the noise went away. It did take 2 visits for this issue though. I was just under 36K miles at the time, but the truck was under 2yrs old at the time.
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Take it in when it's under the extended warranty. Then it isn't on Nissan's dime and they'll be more helpful.
I'd go back to the dealer before you are over the 36k miles and ask to see underneath the car. Maybe there's collision damage to the heat shield? If you wait to have the extended warranty company do it there's probably a $50-$250 deductible per incident and it sounds like this will be less than that to repair or replace.
I'll let you know when I'm in the mood to tackle this again. Usually I get P.O.'d and march into the owners office. Maybe I will call Nissan next (which is typically fruitless). A heat shield falling off or catalyst/exhaust brackets being cracked are a safety issue; quite more than a simple annoyance. Poking around the Wed, I see Nissan has been plagued with this for ages and has multiple TSB on Multiple vehicles. I m so happy Nissan could care less if their new cars are running around sounding like a piece of garbage - Or its just the Ne'er do well service writer at my selling dealer.
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A heat shield falling off or catalyst/exhaust brackets being cracked are a safety issue; quite more than a simple annoyance.
That is NOT a safety issue at all.
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