nickel in oil?

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Aug 21, 2003
Sunnyvale, CA
I did a search on this and couldn't find any info... I did a Blackstone report on my engine oil, and I had a nickel reading of 5 (ppm?). The universal average for nickel is 1. What engine components are made of nickel? Blackstone, in the report summary, said that the reading is mildly high, but didn't make it sound like something I should worry about. I plan to do another oil test on my next batch of oil. Thanks for any info you all might have!
Interesting. Thanks! I do have an iron block engine. This oil was from 10500-16000 miles, so I would think break-in would be long over... I just hope it's not some kind of bad wear.
Originally posted by mph: Anti-seize can also contain nickel, so if you've changed your spark plugs you may have got some from that.
Is that any anti-seize? I just put some factory plugs in instead of my normal copper-cores and put some on them because for some reason the factory plugs from Toyota on my truck seem to be rougher to get out than my NGK copper cores.
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