Nice parking job...

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Years back, one of the guys who stocks dairy at our store parked like that a few times. Coming to work @ 3 am, with >1yr old twins @ home. He was so tired, he had no idea he was that far out.
Maybe the car is in neutral and no brake set. If not that Im going with drugs too.
Seriously! Just examine all the vehicles that surround you on the road these days. I would guesstimate that one-half of the drivers today had very liberal instructors in drivers training. Then compound the problem by guessing again that 25% of that 50% don;t use their turn signals or brake fully at stop signs.
I'll be the contrarian. We've all been in vehicles where the need to be elsewhere has sudden crept up. The need seems to increase as the proximity of the place we would rather be gets closer. When the place is in sight, all other considerations are discarded, including parking appropriately. When you see a car barreling down the highway at 80mph with a kid in the back seat, it could be caused by an irresponsible parent, or I would offer, a 7 year old kid that "really" has to go to the bathroom
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I could only imagine how long he or she has been driving on that spare tire too.
I don't think that's the spare. Those wheels are steel with plastic cladding to make them look fancy. Like a really fancy, not removeable wheel cover
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Looks like the parking lot at Costco in Livonia MI
That's a definate Meijer in the background. And parked that far out, probably an employee's car, I would guess a really early shift, driver not fully awake.
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another idiot
Probably intentional, to cut down on door dings. Not so bad if they park out in the back forty, annoying if the lot is full.
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