Nice guys & good work at local Cole Muffler

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Nov 3, 2002
Mother in Law's "junky" A6 finally needed some outside tweaking, the gasket between the cats and centre section blew out, probally due to poor German Engineering or lousy parts suppliers or conspiracy of The Illuminati. Anyway, I shot off to the local Cole Muffler, remembering how well they treated me before. Mom's car comes out, the guy asks for $20 and I pull out MIL's credit card. He declined and said. "ah, go ahead". I promptly pulled out a $20 bill and paid cash offering "the small jobs are probally more trouble than they are worth". I was spying a nice new embroidered Castrol baseball cap that was sitting unattended on a shelf beind the counter. As a Castrol shop, it was probally a giveaway from their distributor. I asked "how much for the cap"? "Like it?, here take it"...a freebie. Nice. My woman's Coupe GT had a small exhaust leak too, from their custom install a year ago, a pin-hole. They did that car too...$10 so I gave him $15.."for the cap" Nice guys and good work...unusually generous prices for a place that I am not a regular customer at. Cole...props.
It's great to find a shop like that. I go to CarX in Des Moines on occasion if it's something I don't want to handle. I took my 87 Sentra there for an exhaust leak-they put a patch on it and didn't charge me anything (it only took 10 minutes or so). They too are great to work with. It just proves that there are quality shops around that don't rip off the customer.
I would suspect that most people are not regular customers at muffler shops. These type of issues just don't happen that often. Having said that, I've been using the same shop, but for different cars over the years. I doubt that they remember me and I always pay cash. Hmmm, don't recall them writing up a work order the last couple of times either.
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