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Nov 24, 2009
Recently my uncles neighbor past away last week to be exact. we have known him for years. used to go on alot of hunting trips with him. his wife is giving us everything he has. tools,machines,books,records. and oh my he has alot. i just wanted to share some cool stuff i found, very old stuff. a nice wooden lisle creeper and metal igloo container. old beethoven five record set. 1957 i believe. its in very good condition. looking for a decently priced record player to play em book that comes with record set old carpenter guide book have three volumes. only date i found it was 1923 copyright pic from one of the books everyone needs old rope lol thanks everyone for looking ill post more pics asoon as i go back for some more stuff. RIP BOB as for whoever thought my thread was boring. here is some BITOG PORN FOR YA xxx rated
oh yeah he used to own a bar. i have about 15-25 bottles of old liquer. most are sealed. lol ill post pics tomorrow of them
Do a pull test on the rope before you use it for anything where people could be hurt if it breaks, old rope often dry-rots and can look good, but have little strength.
Well, while I'm sorry for your loss it looks like you got some cool stuff. Do be sure to post pictures of the bottles (and anything else you might come across). Very neat!
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